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Kuba Ngaady A aMwaash Masks from the Democratic Republic of Congo are worn during dances for initiation rites, funeral ceremonies, and royal gatherings.

Kuba people are a confederation of nineteen ethnic groups dominated by the Bushong, and they can trace the history of their kingdom back through the reigns of more than 100 kings.

The Kuba make over twenty masks which are considered the embodiments of spirits.Three most significant (aMwaash, Amboy, & Bwoom) belong to the royal family and illustrate their history.

The events in which the masks are used, initiation ceremonies or celebrations, are under royal patronage, Kuba believe in a supreme being called Nyeem, who created the world.

Woot is the legendary founder of the Bushong people.

The Ngaady-a-Mwaash is one of a triad of masks that are danced to symbolize mythical characters and culture heroes important to the origins of Kuba kingship.

Ngaady-a-Mwaash is the sister and wife of the Kuba’s legendary original king, interplay between masked dancers who portray Ngaady-a-Mwaash and two of her mythical suitors teaches the people the balance of power between the king and his subjects.

28 × 22 × 34 cm

multi – color

approximate age

Early 20th Century


Glass Beads, Cowrie Shells, Raffia, Wood

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